About Us

We run regular pool lifeguard training and revalidation courses in Dublin, licensed and certified by Irish Water Safety (www.iws.ie). We also offer on-site training, revalidation and CPD packages for pools, sports complexes, hotels and schools throughout Ireland.

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About The Award

The IWS National Pool Lifeguard Award is the standard for lifeguard qualification in Ireland, and is recognised by ILS, the International Life Saving federation. It consists of three broad sections.

  1. Theory - A series of lectures along with a workbook cover the theory behind everything from rescues to pool water testing and observation techniques.
     There is a strong emphasis here on the practical knowledge that a pool lifeguard will need to perform their duties.
  2. BLS - Basic Life Support is taught as a key skill for pool lifeguards in dealing with major emergencies. Training manikins are used to allow students to get practical experience of giving compressions and rescue breaths.
  3. Water Work - Pool and classroom time are dedicated to working on a set of core rescue techniques, key to any pool lifeguard's skills. Among the techniques practised are land-based rescues, swimming rescues, escapes from drowning grips, in-water resuscitation and spinal injury management.

If you would like to get this qualification, or to renew an existing one you can visit our upcoming courses page to find a course that suits you.