Pool Lifeguard Revalidation Course – January 2020

This is a Pool Lifeguard Revalidation course for holders of any current or recently-expired Pool Lifeguard award (not just Water Safety Ireland awards).

Course Date

26th January 2020

Course Details

Duration1 day
VenueMarian College, Lansdowne Road, Dublin 4
(Near the Aviva Stadium)
Price€140 (including deposit)*

*Holders of non-Water Safety Ireland Pool Lifeguard awards will need to pay an extra €20 to cover the purchase of a National Pool Lifeguard Manual and must complete the required course work before certs can be issued.

Applicants must be strong swimmers, be able to swim continuously at least 20 lengths of a 25m pool, be able to swim head-up front crawl, sidestroke and inverted breaststroke and surface dive (head-first) to the deepest part of the pool.

Current awards must be still within date, or out of date less than one year on the date of the course to be eligible for revalidation.

Course Content

The Pool Lifeguard Revalidation course consists of revision and re-assessment of the skills taught on the National Pool Lifeguard course.

Theory – Candidates will complete our multiple choice exam which summarises some of the most important aspects of lifeguarding. Holders of non-Water Safety Ireland Pool Lifeguard awards must complete a series of worksheets which cover the theory behind everything from rescues to pool water testing and observation techniques. There is a strong emphasis here on the practical knowledge that a pool lifeguard will need to perform their duties.

BLS – Basic Life Support is taught as a key skill for Pool Lifeguards in dealing with major emergencies. Training manikins are used to allow candidates to get practical experience of giving compressions and rescue breaths.

Water Work – Pool and classroom time are dedicated to working on a set of core rescue techniques, key to any Pool Lifeguard’s skills. Among the techniques practised are land-based rescues, swimming rescues, escapes from drowning grips, in-water resuscitation and spinal injury management.

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